WebAudioXML Sonification ToolKit - By Hans Lindetorp

s. Data Range: Parameter Range:

The data comes from https://www.gapminder.org/data/ and shows the CO2-emissions in metric tonnes per person and year from 1900 to 2018.

Quick Start (currently support for FireFox and Chrome):

  1. Select a data source
  2. Select and Audio Object
  3. Select a parameter
  4. Play or scrub to listen
  5. Adjust the ranges
  6. Add more parameters and/or data sources

Configure data and sound model:

  1. Download the Source Files
  2. Replace the data with your own by updating the data.csv-file (follow the provided data-structure)
  3. Replace the audio configuration by editing the audio.xml-file (more info at https://github.com/hanslindetorp/WebAudioXML)
  4. Run your version on a local server or upload the files somewhere

DEMO videos

Published article and presentation:

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